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Breathable air and an thriving energy sector are not mutually exclusive.

We want Baytex to be accountable for emissions forcing us from our homes.

The oil and gas industries are the backbone of Alberta’s economic wellbeing. These industries contribute heavily to our province’s high quality of life and have been a boon for the rest of Canada during the most recent economic downturn. Without the billions of dollars generated by our energy resources, all of Canada would likely look very different.

We don’t consider ourselves “tree huggers” or “environmental activists.” We’re Albertans that believe in financial prosperity but not at any cost. We want Baytex (NYSE:BTE) stockholders and employees to share in the abundant wealth created by our natural resources and we ask to have a relationship where we’re given a say as to what happens in our community. Instead, we’re treated like obstacles that need to be steamrolled. From our perspective, Baytex is willing to trade our health for a larger dividend for their stockholders.

Oil companies pay us for access to our land and we’re not looking to renegotiate the financial terms of these contracts. Even if increased compensation was offered, we’re not willing to trade our health for more money. We don’t want larger bank balances: we want clean air we can breathe.

The purpose of this website is not to destroy our most lucrative industries nor is it to send Baytex Energy COO Marty Proctor back to Calgary with his tail between his legs. Our goal is to shed light on conditions that shouldn’t be permitted to exist anywhere, but especially in a prosperous province like Alberta.